Benefits of Offering Work Schedule Flexibility

Employees, whether they are on-site or remote, frequently cite schedule flexibility as an important factor in achieving a healthy work-life balance. An employee’s usual arrival and departure times could be staggered under a flexible time policy to help with day care or school obligations. Yet another adaptable choice would be to do away with regular […]

Preventing Age Discrimination at the Workplace

Employees who are of the age 40 and above are protected by the Federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (“the Act”), but that doesn’t mean they’re immune to bias and discrimination because of their age. Also, not all age groups who may be subject to age discrimination, stereotyping, or practices are included by the Act. Your […]

New Year, New Employee Engagement Strategy

It is possible for your company to have both an excellent product or service offering and a sizable client base. It is also possible to have an effective media strategy to support your sales and marketing efforts. Despite having a successful business and business strategy, if your employees aren’t invested in the work they do […]

Work Holiday Parties: Tips for Employers to Reduce Liability

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The most delightful time of the year has finally here – the holiday season! Are you getting ready to host an office holiday party like many other companies this season? Holiday parties are a great way to build morale among workers and foster a positive company culture. However, business owners also need to be aware […]

How to Become an Inclusive Manager

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A company adopting more inclusive management practices is one of the most important factors in making the company a welcoming workplace for all employees.